McFarlane DC Reveals for January: Batman, Robin, and Clayface

New year, new figures. McFarlane Toys never stops revealing new DC product, and once again, it’s Bat-time! But these members of the Batman family might see more demand than most. The Batman variant this time wears the DC Rebirth costume, which serves as the new default. Robin, a.k.a Damian Wayne, appears as he did in DC’s Infinite Frontier comics. It’s a slightly stylized look that might fit in with some anime figures on the toy shelf. Finally, Clayface arrives as a $39.99 mega-figure.

Clayface feels like the real winner here. With a body that includes the remnants of discarded forms, like severed limbs and screaming faces, he’s a mudslide of menace. And kudos to McFarlane for making larger figures like this available to collectors without either charging through the roof or requiring fans to buy seven different figures to build him. You want Clayface alone? Buy him by himself. No problem.

Batman and Damian remain bargains at $19.99 apiece.

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Check out the figures from every angle in our gallery below. Which one looks to become your favorite? Let us know in comments!

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