Bruce Wayne’s The Batman Civilian Clothes and Motorcycle Get Toys

Batman movies typically don’t spawn toys of Bruce Wayne out of costume and dressed like a regular guy. But The Batman is no normal Batman movie. And McFarlane Toys doesn’t always stick to designs that appeal mainly to kids. So herewith, they present Bruce Wayne in casual clothes, dressed as a drifter in order to infiltrate Gotham City without being recognized. The extra puffy outfit and black eyeshadow suggest he may have just changed out of the Batsuit. Or that he’s wearing some of it underneath, ready to change as the situation arises. His “drifter motorcycle,” equally casual, comes separately.

Depending where one buys the figure, the level of disguise varies. For the full Robert Pattinson face, Target’s the only outlet. For a Bruce who looks more observant of COVID protocols, every other outlet will suffice. Our affiliate partners at Entertainment Earth number among many who stock the facemasked version for $19.99, and the motorcycle for $29.99. (Superhero Hype may earn fees based on EE purchases made through our links.)

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Note that this motorcycle differs in sculpt from the movie Batcycle, available separately, which boasts a sleeker design. And this one could make a decent mount for Terminator action figures in the same scale, which have never gotten a proper ride. This bike also includes a helmet for the rider of your choice.

Look for most The Batman movie toys to debut in stores next month. Assuming no further delays, the movie hits theaters March 4th. Check out more of the Bruce and drifter motorcycle toys in the gallery below.

Will you preorder casual clothes Bruce and his non-Bat cycle? Let us know in comments.

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