Super7 G.I. Joe Wave 2 Spotlights Good and Evil Power Couples

While Hasbro collectors constantly grumble about G.I. Joe figure availability and exclusivity, Super7 simply lets fans preorder the lot at the same time. In the second wave, revealed today, four more fan favorites get the 7-inch Ultimates treatment for G.I. Joe wave 2, depicting the characters as they appeared in cartoons and comics. On the side of the anti-terrorist USA, it’s Flint and Lady Jaye. From the higher echelons of the enemy Cobra, Destro and the Baroness strike a blow for badness. We’ll try to forget that one alternate reality storyline where Baroness got romantically interested in tank driver Steeler for some reason.

Each figure includes multiple heads and expressions. With Flint, this includes one with a removable beret. With Baroness, it means green glasses and regular shades, along with a gas mask head. For Destro, a lava-splashed head becomes an option.

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As usual for Super7, each figure costs $55, with preorders open for around a month. For those who prefer to pay later, however, once the items actually show up in stock, Entertainment Earth and other sites have them with free shipping on larger orders. (Note: Superhero Hype earns fees for every Entertainment Earth purchase made through site links.)

Take a look through the gallery below for more images and packaging mock-ups. Will you preorder any of G.I. Joe wave 2, now you know? Let us know in comments, because that’s half the battle, after all.

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