2001: A Space Odyssey Action Figures Finally Make Contact

Fifty-three years after the movie’s release, and 20 years after its setting, 2001: A Space Odyssey finally spawns its own action figure line. Import toys of the spacesuit and gag gifts of the Monolith aside, this marks the first actual wave of figures based on Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking sci-fi masterpiece. It’s not entirely clear if Super7 obtained actor likenesses or not. Indeed, the prototype headsculpt pics may best be described as “close enough” for comfort. But they are also early renderings. And there’s no mistaking which characters they are.

The iconic Monolith comes packed with Moon Watcher, the prehistoric ancestor of humanity who also becomes history’s first deliberate killer. Like very figure in the line, he comes with two headsculpts: one calm, one agitated. Only Dave Bowman remains unflappable to the last; his bonus head instead reflects his sudden aging near the film’s end. Bowman also comes with an extra helmet for his unplugging of HAL-9000, a drawing of one of his hibernating crewmates, and a HAL terminal.

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The other astronauts feature more minimal accessories. Poole includes an SAT computer, while Floyd enjoys a square space sandwich.

Preorders at Super7 last through Oct 22. Buyers who wish to save on shipping can order through sites like our affiliate partners at Entertainment Earth, which offers each for $54.99 apiece, with an anticipated August delivery. (Superhero Hype may earn fees from Entertainment Earth sales made through site links.) For more images, see our gallery below.

Will these figures send your collection beyond the infinite? Let us know in comments.

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