2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL 9000 Becomes a Plush

Anyone who has seen Stanley Kubrick’s classic 2001: A Space Odyssey knows how absolutely terrifying HAL 9000 can be. The advanced A.I. serves as a true menace in the film. So it’s kind of weird to see a company like Master Replicas Group make him…cuddly?

That’s right, 2001’s HAL 9000 is officially becoming a huggable plush. Entertainment Earth is offering pre-orders on the item, and it’s going for $29.99. The HAL 9000 plush will ship in January 2020.

Here’s the official item description: “This is the plush figure you’ve all been waiting for! Everybody’s favorite homicidal computer is now in cute, cuddly form! However, unlike the HAL in the film, our plush replica only says positive and uplifting phrases. When you squeeze the ‘HAL 9000’ logo, 1 of 12 random phrases will play, and HAL’s eye will light up for 20 seconds.”

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This HAL says phrases that include “Goodnight, I really like you, Dave, I know you would never plan to disconnect me,” and “Certainly Dave, I would be happy to open the pod bay doors.” It also lights up, just like the classic HAL, if you have 3 AA batteries. Alas, it doesn’t appear he sings “Daisy Bell” as he did in the film. But maybe if we took out a few chips?

HAL 9000 is safe for “all ages,” but it’s likely to appeal to hardcore fans of the film, as well as sci-fi fans in general. It’s sure to make the rounds at a few sci-fi conventions early next year, so keep an eye out. That is, if HAL doesn’t keep an eye out first. He does see everything, after all.

Will you be picking up this cuddly version of HAL 9000? Let us know in the comment section below!

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