The Skeleton of Godzilla Gets Its Own Action Figure

The new Godzilla film, Godzilla Minus One, functions mostly as a remake of the original 1954 film, but one thing it does not include is the movie’s method of defeating the radioactive beast. In a parable for the nuclear age and the Cold War, Gojira featured a scientist named Dr. Serizawa, who determined that the only thing to stop a Weapon of Mass Destruction would be another one. His Oxygen Destroyer bomb would be used against Godzilla only on condition nobody else could ever build one again. Once deployed, it turned the king of the kaiju into a skeleton.

Godzilla Minus Flesh

Super7 has now commemorated that moment with a 3.75-inch articulated figure of the skeleton of Godzilla. Packaged lying on its side, at the bottom of the ocean, and including an Oxygen Destroyer, it can be removed from the packaging, stood up, and played with alongside other figures at the same scale. Pretend it’s Godzilla’s ghost, if you like. What would a kaiju afterlife look like, anyway?

Unlike the larger Godzilla Ultimates figures that go for $85 a pop, this set will only run you $25. In the window box, it makes a nice diorama; as a poseable skeleton, it could add Halloween flair in other places, perhaps as a decoration for a cake or window.

Super7 has more somber advice, saying, “Packaged in a diorama-style box that displays Godzilla’s de-fleshed carcass in a watery grave, the Skeleton Godzilla ReAction Figure will be a sobering reminder of both man’s capacity for destruction and Godzilla’s ability to overcome even the most dire circumstances.” (Don’t start an argument with them about whether or not the subsequent movies were about a different Godzilla, and therefore the original did in fact stay dead. It’s not worth it.)

Check out the rest of the official images below.