Star Wars Droids Throwback Action Figures Are Coming to Target

As celebrated by Hasbro‘s Star Wars line, Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary has primarily meant throwback packaging and color styles from every era of Star Wars toys. And now it’s the turn of the 1985 Droids animated series. The cartoon spawned a short-lived subline of Kenner figures now considered among the rarest of the vintage line. But with an assist from Target, new versions of the three major legacy characters on the show will head to stores shortly. R2-D2, C-3PO, and Boba Fett get the cartoon deco treatment.

Sorry for those who hoped for a new Vlix, or whichever other cartoon character was a fave. These are basically animated paint jobs of existing parts. And yes, Boba Fett looks similar to his appearance in the Holiday Special, but not quite the same. That’s why you don’t see this version with the Mandalorian rifle.

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Boba hits shelves in both a 6-inch Black Series repaint and a Vintage Collection 3-3/4 version. Artoo and Threepio, meanwhile, just get the smaller scale. But all three Vintage Collection figures come with coins, like the originals. For that privilege and the special packaging, they run $15.99. Black Series Boba sets the wallet back $26.49, the now-standard price of a more premium deco figure.

Preorders are expected at starting 9 a.m. EST tomorrow, Sept 24. In the meantime, look through the gallery below to see more details close up.

Are these the Droids you’re looking for? Let us know in comments.

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