Star Wars The Last Command 4-Pack With Mara Jade and Luuke

That’s not a typo — Luuke with two u’s is a not-insignificant character from the old Star Wars Expanded Universe. He looks like Mark Hamill, but of course he’s a clone, and he’s one of four figures in the new exclusive Black Series four-pack from Hasbro.

Based on The Last Command comics, the new figure set will be available at Disney parks and Shop Disney later in the year, but will be up for preorder tomorrow (March 27th) at 1 p.m. ET in limited quantities at Hasbro Pulse. The set also includes fan favorite Mara Jade, non-clone Luke Skywalker, and Grand Admiral Thrawn’s favorite Force wielder, Joruus C’baoth (do not ask us how to pronounce that). At $99.99, the set is reasonably retail priced without the usual park exclusive markup.

‘Cuz I Gotta Have Baoth…

That’s not the only Hasbro/Disney shared exclusive to drop tomorrow on Pulse. A Clone Wars army-builder two pack pairs a Trade Federation Battle Droid (tan) with a Clone Trooper (Phase II/Revenge of the Sith). The Clone includes a removable helmet, and the battle Droid can fold into compact storage form. At $39.99, it’s a steal that probably won’t last long.

Fans of the smaller Vintage Collection have some other options tomorrow. Fan-channel sites including Pulse, Amazon, and more will debut carded figures of the Dark Trooper (as seen in The Mandalorian) and HK-87 Assassin Droid as seen on Ahsoka. Though the Dark Trooper previously sold in various formats as a deluxe, up-priced, oversized figure, this one and the Assassin Droid go for the normal sticker price of $16.99.

This concludes a month of reveals that Hasbro cleverly called “Imperial March.” From here on out, we’ll probably have to wait until May the 4th for more, like the next HasLab project. Until then, enjoy the official images in our gallery below>