Hot Toys Rolls out a Huge Hydra Stomper From What If…?

They already teased it in Captain Carter images, so we knew this was coming. Hot Toys likes to go big, so of course they’ve tackled the largest new Marvel hero this year. (Albeit piloted by one of the smallest.) Behold the gigantic Hydra Stomper, complete with skinny, un-serumed What If…? Steve Rogers at the controls. Providing the perfect tactical support for Captain Carter, the Howard Stark-designed mech can fly just as well as it stomps. At $625, it’s not cheap…but maybe not quite as bank-breaking as some feared.

From the official description, “the 1:6th scale figure is complemented with perfectly scaled design, outstanding painting applications, also mechanical details such as thrusters, shooters, and an opening cockpit. Measuring at approximately 56cm [22 inches] in height, it features LED Light-up designs on the eyes, an arc reactor; semi articulated body with the ability to perform head, shoulder, arms, wrist, and waist movements.”

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Steve comes in a fully tailored costume along with a backpack and the usual multiple hands and base. Preorders are now open, with delivery expected first quarter of 2023.

How much space can collectors spare? Will you make room for this gigantic crusher of evil underfoot? Take a look through the gallery below, and then let us know in comments.

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