LEGO Reveals Marvel’s What If…? Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper Set

It seems LEGO loves the alternate universe mechs. Following the first Marvel’s What If…? set, based on a Sakaar Iron Man armor, the latest contains another Stark-style robotic suit. Dubbed the Hydra Stomper, this creation comes from an alternate reality in which Peggy Carter got the Super Soldier serum. Frail Steve Rogers, meanwhile, enhanced his abilities by piloting a massive Stark mech.

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The Red Skull and the Tesseract don’t seem to have changed much, though Hydra’s main villain looks completely overmatched here. That one gun won’t beat Captain Carter’s shield, let alone a giant Steve-piloted ‘bot. But this is LEGO, and sets allow for numerous possible rebuilds.

Official price and release date remain TBD, with more news likely to come in August along with the series. Marvel’s What If…? will feature tales of the Marvel universe in which key events happened differently than in the movies. Maybe Killmonger rescued Tony Stark. Or Yondu abducted T’Challa instead of Peter Quill. Or…Marvel Zombies? Uatu the Watcher will be the audience’s guide to these differing timeline branches, always observing and never interfering. Presumably after next week we’ll learn why the TVA doesn’t seem to nip these in the bud.

What LEGO sets do you want to see from different timelines? Let us know in comments.

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