Captain Carter Adds Animated Stylization to Hot Toys 1:6 Figures

If any character in Marvel’s What If…? on Disney Plus can be considered the breakout, it’s Captain Carter. Fans often expressed disappointment that Marvel never did more with Hayley Atwell‘s Peggy Carter besides her movie appearances than two short seasons of a TV show that may not even count as canon any more. And now they have a version that’s a superhero, flaunting the Union Jack while wielding a shield. Powered by super-soldier serum, she charges into battle alongside the Hydra Stomper, a giant Stark mech piloted by skinny Steve Rogers.

Hot Toys, unsurprisingly, chose the good Captain as their first What If…? 12-inch figure. Her outfit looks even more detailed than the animation, with authentically realistic stylings. Her face, however, while undoubtedly obtaining likeness rights from Atwell, matches the cartoon style, with smoother-than-real skin and hair.

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The figure costs $235, like most. The official description notes that it “features a newly developed head sculpt and interchangeable brown curly hair sculptures with stunning likeness, finely tailored outfit in red, blue, and white color scheme, Captain Carter’s signature shield, pistol, and figure stand.” She includes a sword too.

And she brings reinforcements. Look through the gallery below, and get a sneak peek at the Hydra Stomper, complete with Skinny Steve figure. Then prepare to take out a mortgage to afford them.

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