Captain Janeway Gets Her First Star Trek Figure Since Voyager Ended

“Do it!” EXO-6, the new toy company dedicated solely to producing 1/6 scale Star Trek figures, finally obeyed the command of Voyager fans. Kate Mulgrew’s Kathryn Janeway, the first female Star Trek Captain on TV, deserves a new figure after all this time. Older Janeway toys typically fetch higher prices than many other Trek figures, in part due to interest in the franchise dying down while the show aired. Fewer Voyager items got made as a result, and by the time Trek merch made a comeback, it all focused on Enterprise. Indeed, all the existing figures sport her initial hair bun rather than the later, more casual look.

But in the decades since, new fans discovered Star Trek: Voyager, and reclaimed it as a worthy franchise installment. And those supporters deserve some high-level Janeway swag. So starting this Friday, preorders go live for EXO-6’s latest, only their second Captain since Picard, with Sisko teased as the next one. Via Facebook, sculptor Nanjin Tam commented, “I never liked any 1/6 female figures. Captain Janeway will be my first.”

No doubt, many 12-inch female figures use disproportionately small bodies and rooted hair that looks too doll-like. Hot Toys generally strikes a good balance. But the more affordable Janeway ($189.95 plus shipping) may join those ranks. Like other EXO-6 figures, she includes a transporter themed stand, phaser that magnetically attaches to her waist, fully tailored uniform, specially designed body to fit the uniform better, and a phaser rifle. Plus Janeway wouldn’t be Janeway without her all-important coffee cup.

Preorders begin at noon eastern this Friday on EXO-6’s official site, with delivery expected before year’s end. Will you take this Captain home? Let us know in comments.

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