Super7’s Transformers Ultimates Wave 2 Feature Waiter Grimlock

Collectors may still be waiting a while for Super7‘s Transformers Ultimates wave 1, but wave 2 just went up for preorder. In keeping with Ultimates tradition, it’s a mix of fan favorites, obscurities, and icons. Non-transforming figures based specifically on the cartoons, these robots stand about 8 inches tall. And they come loaded with TV show-specific accessories, from specialized equipment to smaller robot buddies. Still, perhaps there’s nothing that sums up the glorious absurdity of ’80s cartoons quite like waiter Grimlock.

Grimlock as a toy was the coolest: a robot who transformed into a tyrannosaurus. For little kids, that’s as badass as it gets. The TV show made him a meathead with poor grammar, and then, in one episode, a waiter. Sure, collectors can display this figure without the cloth apron and tray. But umpteen other Grimlock figures exist for that. This one can only be preordered from Super7 and their authorized outlets.

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Also in the wave: Mayhem Attack Squad leader Bludgeon, and triple-changer Tracks. The headliner, of course, would be Megatron. The leader of the Decepticons sports an opening chest, three different heads, and multiple attachments.

Each figure costs $55, and fans can order now from Super7, or wait for other outlets to get a break on shipping. Preorders end Aug 29, with an expected delivery date of next summer. Take a look in the gallery below for more images.

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