Hasbro’s Gigantic Galactus Action Figure Hungers for Preorder Pledges

The rumors proved accurate. Galactus, devourer of worlds, will now devour a sizable chunk of change as a HasLab crowdfunded action figure. Six inches taller than the massive Sentinel figure Hasbro last solicited in this way, Galactus looks like the largest, most intricate Marvel Legends figure ever. The Galactus action figure sports 70 individual joints, and LEDs in the head and chest. Three interchangeable face plates include one skeletal Marvel Zombies look. Moreover, to bring every buyer up to speed, he comes with digital copies of the original 1966 Galactus trilogy of comics.

Yes, there’s a catch. Galactus costs $399.99, and requires 14,000 pledges in order to move forward. (Five maximum per customer.) But considering what a well known character he is, it’s an eminently possible goal. As of this writing he’s nearly halfway there in just a day. And stretch goal bonuses seem inevitable.

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Funding ends in 44 days, and you can check it out here. Should it make the goal, delivery should happen sometime next fall. He hungers. Do you? Get a further look at more angles on the prototype in our gallery below.

Who’s willing to pony up the cash for nearly three feet of Galactus action figure? Whose spouses will permit it? Let yourselves be heard in comments below!

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