Hasbro to Pause Marvel Legends 3-3/4 Retro Action Figures

Even as Hasbro expands their offerings of 3-3/4 inch retro Star Wars figures, they’re putting the Marvel version on hold. Though fans joyfully greeted the addition of a vehicle with Ghost Rider (above), the Marvel Legends retro figures will go on indefinite hiatus for now. Hasbro’s quick to note, however, that they aren’t cancelled, but “resting.” There’s a chance for a return at some point in the future, but not any time soon.

Hasbro’s Steve Evans explains in the video below:

Fans of smaller scale figures need not worry, as Marvel’s launching a 4-inch line aimed at kids (and their budgets) called Epic Heroes. It’s not considered a replacement for retro, which was aimed more at the inner children of older collectors. But if size and more toyetic design are the appeal, they may work to scratch that figure itch.

From that checklist, it appears the style will incorporate themes other than Spider-Man, with several waves planned. Call it a wild theory, but numerically, the one with five figures might be a Fantastic Four wave (with one villain, natch). As a line meant to be opened, it’s not likely to have the same sort of individual card art as the retro series.

Are you sorry to see the retro Marvel Legends put on pause? Will another small-scale line fill the void? Let us know what you think in comments below.

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