Hasbro’s Latest HasLab Crowdfund: 2ft Tall Marvel Legends Giant-Man

Following successful crowdfunds of Galactus and a Sentinel, but a failed fund for Ghost Rider’s car, Hasbro‘s Marvel Legends team has gone back to what worked: larger characters at a huge size. Giant Man has seen toy form before, but never this large. At a whopping 24 inches tall, he somehow packs in 91 points of articulation, 29 being in each hand. He’ll complete your Avengers team with the proper proportions, and unlike other HasLab projects, is not through-the-roof expensive. For $199.99, he can be yours.

Astonish Us

Per the official press release, “This figure is inspired by Giant-Man’s first comic appearance in Tales to Astonish #49 (1963), with details that pay homage to his long comic history and history with the Avengers. Inspired by the classic Jack Kirby Giant-Man design, this item has an entirely new sculpt and premium deco. To pop on your shelves, the figure also has his iconic red and blue outfit, silver belt, and fine detailing designed to look like leather seams and spandex texture.”

“Display this expressive Marvel Legends Series figure with 2 different faceplate pieces. Figure has a stoic expression, which can be swapped out for either a smiling faceplate or angry faceplate. Multiple looks fit a multitude of poses and display scenarios.”

Giant-Man requires 10,000 backers to be successful and enter production. If it gets 12,000, he’ll include a bonus zombie face plate and antennae. If he reaches 14,000, he’ll also come with an alternate Skrull head. Typically, Marvel Legends HasLabs feature bonus figures, but at this price point? Don’t hold your breath.

As of this writing, you have 45 days to back the big man. Take a look at all the official images below if you’re on the fence.