Marvel’s Hercules Looks Pumped and Ready as a New Exclusive Figure

Some might call Hercules the original superhero. Drawn from Greek mythology by way of Roman reinterpretation, the super-powered demigod fought all manner of monsters and villains. It’s no wonder some version of the character appears in the pages of virtually every comics publisher, from Charlton and DC to Marvel. But it’s the Marvel one who shines today, as the scantily clad beefcake hero of Greece gets a new online exclusive action figure, on vintage Toy Biz-style card. (Though he never actually appeared on such a card before.)

As buff and showy with his muscles as an Eternian hero, this figure comes complete with adamantine mace, alternate laughing head, and extra hands. Not to mention carefully painted-on chest hair.

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Marvel’s Hercules has been prominent in many storylines that have been and will be adapted into movies. Civil War, Secret Invasion, and The Eternals, to name a few. But he has yet to make a big-screen debut, so the Hasbro team got busy on a comic-styled figure. It’s hard to imagine what actor could properly fill out those green trunks.

Big Herc should run $22.99 at most retailers. Entertainment Earth currently has him for preorder, with an expected October arrival. Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate program, and earns fees based on purchases made through site links.

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