Batman Ninja Modern Version 12-Inch Figure Lights up the Room

Star Ace toys thus far have delivered several 12-inch scaled figures based on the anime Batman Ninja. But their latest tie-in departs from the overall feudal Japan aesthetic, and  incorporates the present-day framing scenes. Now fans can own the movie’s take on a the Batman Ninja modern version, in a muscle suit inspired by the live-action movies, Arkham video games, and maybe even a touch of Tron.

From the official description: “In the animated DC film Batman NinjaBatman and several of his allies and adversaries are thrust back in time to medieval Japan. Before he is transported in time, Batman has come to rely on his modern technology in his fight against crime. This new Sixth Scale Figure from Batman Ninja features the Modern Batman before he must abandon technology. This high-tech Batman has light-up eyes, a removable cowl piece to show lights beneath, and the body armor also lights up blue. He also comes with a Batarang and a grappling gun.”

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Preorders are up for Batman Ninja modern version at Sideshow Toys’ site, for $299 with a November delivery. Fans on tighter budgets can take advantage of payment plans on offer. Wait till they get a load of more images, in our gallery below.

Will you preorder this wonderful toy? Let us know in comments.

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