McFarlane Toys Offers First Official Image of New Spawn Figure Line

With the success of the Spawn Kickstarter figure, the Mortal Kombat Spawn figure, and various Spawns thrown into the Gold Label Walmart line, Todd McFarlane clearly got enough sales and feedback to merit more. And more is coming. Rumors of a full-on revived Spawn figure line started a while back. Fans spotted glimpses of prototypes and things in some of McFarlane’s videos. But now, revealed on the creator’s social media channels, comes the official reveal of wave 1.

The new Spawn figure line kicks off with old favorites. Redeemer, a.k.a. Heaven’s version of Spawn, and Gunslinger Spawn, appear for the first time as fully articulated figures. Raven Spawn reveals yet again that he’s basically the inspiration for Mortal Kombat‘s current Noob Saibot look. The Clown comes dressed like a survivalist, while his monstrous alter-ego the Violator is way more buff than usual. (To be fair, the pointedly and wonderfully preposterous proportions of the classic design make it nigh-impossible to translate to toy form.) Rumor has it based on early listings that the Clown will come in some kind of deluxe package. Violator will obviously be oversized and priced accordingly.

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Sales information should arrive later — McFarlane only says “Preorders are coming SOON” on the social posts. Betting on Walmart as the primary or sole outlet rarely fails, however.

Do the new Spawn figures excite you? Will you pick any up? Let us know in comments.

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