Todd McFarlane Reveals How Mortal Kombat 11 Landed Spawn

Mortal Kombat 11‘s first season of DLC is in full swing. Shang Tsung has already made his debut, while Sindel and Nightwolf will arrive soon. But a lot of comic book fans are feverishly awaiting the return of Spawn, in his first fighting game  since SoulCalibur II. Although NetherRealm hasn’t given us a look at Spawn yet, creator Todd McFarlane did offer a few details while speaking with IGN at San Diego Comic-Con. McFarlane also explained why he had just “one condition” before allowing Spawn’s inclusion.

“This thing needs to be so cool from a Mortal Kombat fan’s point of view, not a Spawn point of view,” explained McFarlane. He added that he would be proud “if somebody downloads this character at some point, doesn’t even know who it is, and go, ‘I dunno, his name is Tron or Spam or something, but he’s my favorite character to play.’ Because, if you hit that in your game, then you’re gonna make all my Spawn fans happy, right?”

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McFarlane also admitted that NetherRealm’s creative team knew his creation better than he did.

“They have a bunch of Spawn geeks at that place, because they keep showing me what they’re doing,” related McFarlane. “And I go, ‘Well, what’s that from?’ And then they reference it, and they go, ‘That’s from Spawn #67’ and that’s from Spawn #162!’ And I wrote most of that, and I had forgotten it, right? There’s lots of cool stuff…There’s gonna be a lot more red than just his cape.”

Spawn doesn’t have a MK 11 debut date just yet, but NetherRealm should have more details in the months ahead.

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