Zack Snyder’s Justice League Batman and Cyborg Action Figures Pics

The McFarlane Toys image drops from their Zack Snyder’s Justice League figure line continues. After revealing two heroes and two villains yesterday, the week kicks off with Batman and Cyborg. Now all that remains — aside from variants — is Superman. As previously mentioned, Wonder Woman will simply be the Wonder Woman 1984 figure, which features essentially the same costume. Unlike Darkseid, Steppenwolf, Aquaman and Flash, Batman and Cyborg do not appear for preorder on U.S. Amazon yet, though Canadians can get the jump on us at

In keeping with the way McFarlane Toys favors variants over “Ultimate” styles with interchangeable heads and such, Batman and Cyborg are basic. Each comes with just one accessory, besides the trading card and McFarlane figure stand. Batman, sporting the climactic tactical Batsuit, gets a Batarang. Cyborg, in his unmasked appearance, includes a switch-out arm blaster attachment. Variant versions with different heads are expected as future retail exclusives.

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Like the villains, Batman and Cyborg are expected in June, rather than the later January date on Aquaman and Flash. Now the question is whether a second wave could follow. We need Parademons, and Batman v Superman-styled Batman and Aquaman. Not to mention Jared Leto’s Joker in his new reshoot look. And maybe a Joe Manganiello Deathstroke. And Martian Manhunter, if he looks cool. Et cetera.

Meanwhile, take a closer look at Batman and Cyborg in our gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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