New High-End 12-Inch Star Trek Line Debuts With First Contact Data

EXO-6 may be the newest toy company on the block, but they’re ready to make a mark in a big way. Like so many favorite restaurants, they’re a company that’s looking to do one specialty, and be the absolute best at it. In this case, Star Trek figures. Founder Schubert “Nanjin” Tam has been sculpting 12-inch Star Trek figures as a hobby for ten years now, and finally decided to make it a business. To kick things off, his new company just revealed their first offering: First Contact Data.

Though not available for preorder yet, this Data figure, based on his appearance in the best Next Generation movie, rivals similar and more expensive product from other companies. By keeping most of the manufacturing in-house, Nanjin hopes to keep the price point around $189.95. Rather than the $250-$300 norm for such things. Subscribe to the EXO-6 newsletter for final pricing and availability; the figure should ship sometime in late spring.

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Data includes a phaser, tricorder, phaser rifle, and two heads. There’s his classic android look, plus the cyborg version that the Borg Queen updated with sensitive humanoid skin. The phaser and tricorder attach to Data’s jumpsuit via hidden magnets.

The Star Trek toy license is one that’s notorious for expiring at a particular company before they can do a lot with it. However, since EXO-6 exists only to make Star Trek toys, that seems unlikely this time. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with more elaborate characters like the Borg.

Check out more images of Data in the gallery below.

What 12-inch Star Trek characters would you like to see next? Let us know in comments.

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