Sideshow Premium Format Boba Fett Combines Armor and Robes

Boba Fett‘s Tython look from The Mandalorian season 2 is arguably his ultimate look. Featuring his worn, acid-scarred Mandalorian armor over top of the Tusken Raider robes, it sums up every part of his journey so far. So why by multiple overpriced minifigures of different variants, when this 22-inch, mixed media statue can decorate your house? Sideshow‘s Premium Format Boba Fett features a polystone base sculpture with additional elements in plastic. And depending on how the mood strikes each day, his head switches out for a helmeted appearance, or unmasked, scarred face.

At $650, he’ll require a healthy collection of credits. But payment plans are available, and he may ship as soon as Christmas. Just don’t bet the holiday budget on it yet.

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From the official description: “The Boba Fett Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted and features detailed paint application to recreate the weathered state of his salvaged armor. This polystone Star Wars statue includes both an unhelmeted and helmeted portrait, allowing you to unmask the infamous mercenary or complete his iconic look. Boba comes fully equipped for battle with his jetpack, a gaffi stick™, and a blaster pistol. Finally, with intricate cloth-like textures and dynamic motion designed into the pants and sash of his costume, Boba Fett is ready to join the fight in your collection.”

He’s also in scale with previous Mandalorian Premium Format figures of Din Djarin with Grogu, Moff Gideon, and Cara Dune.

Get a good look in the gallery below. Then let us know what you think in comments.

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