Jean Grey and Phoenix Collide in This Sideshow Mega-Maquette

Sometimes, she’s Jean Grey, a powerful psychic and member of the X-Men. But when the alien entity inside her grows too powerful to contain, she’s the Phoenix, a powerful force for destruction. Now watch the torment of duality come to three dimensions, in a massive maquette that depicts Jean in both forms. Few wish to come face to face with the Phoenix force in comics. But with all that translucent fire, she invariably makes for an impressively awesome collectible for display.

Standing over two feet tall, this Sideshow polystone mega-maquette includes metallic paint on the costumes. Turn it around to see the face of a phoenix emerge from the flames. Both versions of Jean stand tall above melted girders.

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From the official description: “The polystone Phoenix and Jean Grey Maquette features two fully sculpted figures in the fiery environment base that embodies the duality of creation and destruction. Jean Grey is dressed in her classic blue and yellow ‘90s costume while her Phoenix incarnation wears her distinct green and black bodysuit. Both costumes feature detailed textures and gold metallic accents, bringing these signature styles to life in three dimensions. Two sides of the same coin, the Phoenix and Jean Grey Maquette is a must-have Marvel statue for X-Men fans.”

Preorders run just shy of a grand, at $980, with payment plans available. Expect delivery next April.

Want to see more? Check out the gallery below. Then let us know what you think in comments.

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