Hot Toys Takes on Marvel Zombies, Starting With Zombie Deadpool

Rob Liefeld’s baby boy is all grown up, and dead, and resurrected. Not that Deadpool was entirely not-a-zombie before, at least in the looks department. But the Marvel Zombies universe made it more official. Thus, the merc with a mouth became the undead royal pain hungry for brains. Moreover, Hot Toys have gone all out with zombie Deadpool. Now featuring unique sculpting to accentuate his dead and mutilated body, with open wounds, exposed bones, and more, this take on Wade Wilson further amps up the creepy and funny.

Per the official description, zombie Deadpool includes “a newly developed masked head sculpt with disgustingly beautiful details; interchangeable eye pieces and rotten mouth pieces with exposed teeth to create numerous combinations of horrifying expressions; a finely tailored red and black suit specially applied with distress effects; amazing paint work on damaged muscle tissue and exposed skeleton parts; an array of weapons including a pair of katanas, pistols, a dagger, and an arrow attachable to the head sculpt; recreation of Deadpool Corp members including zombified flying Headpool with jaw articulation, and Squirrelpool; a comic book themed backdrop with Dogpool and Duckpool joining the gang; multiple zombified hands for poses; and a specially designed dynamic figure display stand.”

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The company describes Deadpool as the first Marvel Zombies figure, implying there will be more. And we’d expect nothing less.

Get a good look at Zombie Deadpool in our gallery below. Will he come home and give your collection (amusing) nightmares? Let us know in comments.

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