Hasbro Now Makes a Life-Sized Animatronic Talking Deadpool Head

Today is 6-16, which makes it an official Marvel universe day, complete with announcements aplenty. Perhaps the strangest one, however, came from Hasbro. As part of their Marvel Legends premium line, the company typically makes life-sized helmets with lights and sounds. But as of today, they’ve taken it further. Now, you can own a full-on head. And yes, it has sounds; like the real Deadpool, it won’t shut up. Mostly (batteries can come out, of course). The Deadpool head also marks a rare foray into non-kid-safe toys for the company; given Deadpool’s language, it’s marked for fans 18 and older. The voice isn’t Ryan Reynolds, but its inflections are similar enough to clearly be the same character.

The Deadpool head reacts to sounds, and being moved; it also has some very specific responses if placed in a refrigerator, apparently. Eyes change shape to express Wade Wilson’s feelings, and the general form of a mouth under the cloth moves too. Up to 600 phrases, including some deep-cut comics trivia references, come programmed in, and the figure is also app-enabled. Which may allow even more talking in the future.

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Packaging and instructions look like they were designed by Deadpool himself, complete with wisecracks. The instruction sheet even comes with bonus instructions to fold it into a paper hat for Deadpool after its intended use.

Preorders open at midnight tonight on HasbroPulse.com. Presumably some specialty stores will follow suit, though it’s unlikely a foul-mouthed merc like this will hit mass retail.

Are you looking to trade barbs with a decapitated Deadpool in your own home? Tell us in comments below.

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