Hot Toys Brings the Mandalorian and Child to a New Height

They’ve done 12-inch figures. They’ve done a full-scale Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda. But if anybody thought Hot Toys were done separating fans of Star Wars‘ The Mandalorian from their money, think again. Because now they’re doing a quarter-scale Mandalorian and Child. Not as a statue, mind, but poseable figures likely to break the bank. While Mandalorian and Child will sell separately, a deluxe set of the two includes a large light-up base that includes an E-web cannon and melty IG-11 torso. Hell, if a person’s going to shell out for Hot Toys prices in the first place, one might as well go all the way. For this is the way.

Preorders price the set at $669.99, while the pair of individual figures hovers around $559.99. Both versions should tentatively arrive in time for next Christmas.

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The approximately 18-inch Din Djarin includes “meticulously crafted beskar armor pieces and helmet, skillfully tailored outfit, an attachable jetpack, his signature blaster rifle, pistol and blade, flamethrower effect, a satchel bag, and a range of accessories.” Baby Yoda features “two interchangeable head sculpts with amazing likeness and 3 pairs of interchangeable ears, a specially tailored robe, a necklace, the little foundling’s favorite silver knob, and a hover pram!”

To date, this is probably the most elaborate and detailed collectible to feature the Mandalorian and Child. Until Hot Toys makes a life size version of both, which…we wouldn’t rule out.

Examine the details even more in our gallery below. Then tell us in comments if this Mandalorian and Child are for you.

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