Mezco Unleashes Deluxe 1966 Batman Playset With Figures

Holy fill-in-the-blank, Batman! Most toy companies that have held the 1966 Batman toy license put out multiple items, one at a time, but Mezco Toyz goes for broke right off the bat with seven figures, a Batmobile, multiple accessories and Batcave diorama playset all in one set. Sure, they could still make several second-tier villains that would probably sell, but everything an Adam West Bat-fan absolutely requires comes packed in one big box.

The seven crucial figures? Batman, Robin, Alfred, Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman. All are in the ’80s style of 3.75-inch figures with five points of articulation, but feature more authentic actor likenesses than that decade tended to capture. And aside from Joker, each figure includes interchangeable masked and unmasked heads. Additional accessories include Bat-shields, an empty picture frame, character-appropriate weapons (including shark repellent Bat-spray, of course), and fight sound effect captions.

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Aside from the figures, the set also includes a Batmobile with pop-out buzzsaw and detachable exhaust flame. The box turns into a Batcave/Wayne Manor diorama, and includes Bat-poles, Bat-computer, and a rotating platform for the car.

Mezco tend to have a reputation for high-end, high-priced products, but this set comes out surprisingly reasonable in cost. Most other companies might charge $140 for seven action figures alone, but here that number also buys a vehicle and playset. Preorders begin today, and Mezco does occasionally sell out of those, so act fast.

Get a gander at all the set’s details in our Bat-gallery below. And be sure to leave a Bat-comment in our Bat-section!

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