Hasbro Kicks off Potential New Dungeons and Dragons Action Figure Line

Hasbro owns Dungeons and Dragons outright, so maybe we ought to be more surprised they haven’t done action figures until now. But D&D hasn’t really had a major toy line since the ’80s, when LJN put out a full line of creatures and playsets, and a Saturday morning cartoon was popular. So it came as the first major surprise of Pulse Con 2020 that Dungeons and Dragons action figures will return. First up, a special Hasbro Pulse exclusive, available online later today, delves into the Forgotten Realms storyline with dark elf Drizzt and his panther Guenhyvwer.

Created by author R.A. Salvatore on the spur of the moment when he was told he couldn’t use another character he had planned, Drizzt Do’Urden went on to gain a popularity and life all his own. An unusual dark elf, or drow, who favors friendship and peace, Drizzt appears in numerous Salvatore novels as both a supporting and lead character. Salvatore has stated that the character is partially inspired by The Lord of the Rings‘ Aragorn.

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The action figure comes with two interchangeable heads and hairstyles, swords with ice effects, and a special D&D collector die. Guenhyvwer looks fully poseable. Fans can probably expect a more basic Drizzt with fewer accessories at mass retail later in the year. Hasbro is waiting to see the response to the first figure before announcing more.

Take a look at more of Drizzt below. Are you excited for a new Hasbro D&D line? Let us know in comments.

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