Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Battle Ram Reveal and More

For fans who like their Masters of the Universe toys smaller and more customizable, Mattel’s Mega Construx just revealed a few new items. As part of this weekend’s online Power-Con, the team behind the LEGO-like brick construction toys let some of next spring’s selections leak. The main item? A Mega Construx Battle Ram. Like the original vintage toy, it will fire a projectile and feature detachable Sky Sled, with interchangeable beast heads. And the included minifigs, Mekaneck and Tri-Klops, can approximate their original gimmicks even at two inches tall. Tri-Klops’ eye-visor spins, while Mekaneck’s neck includes two extension pieces. A price point of $19.99 sounds quite reasonable.

Additional smaller sets include a series of three Skeletor skulls that contain a small build vehicle and a figure. He-Man comes with the Jet Sled and classic Jet Sled armor. Fisto wears the Cliff Climber — a deep cut vintage accessory set that appeared at the tail end of the original toy line in limited markets. And mini-comic colors Trap-Jaw controls a larger build version of the Castle Grayskull gun turret. The first Trap Jaw in the line, he includes interchangeable arm weapons and a hinged jaw. As a bonus, the skull containing Fisto glows in the dark.

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Finally, Panthor gets a makeover with a new hairdo, literally. Skeletor’s big cat now comes in a flocked version, with the Lord of Destruction packed in and ready to ride.

As for future sets, the team mentioned that Snake Mountain and She-Ra often come up in conversation, but they’ve set no concrete plans. Future minifigs that they have developed include Clawful, Webstor, Hordak, Buzz-Off, and though they said these are longshots for inclusion in actual sets, Eldor and Mo-Larr. Yes, the Eternian dentist from the Robot Chicken sketch who merited a convention-exclusive figure some years back. But whomever your favorite character might be, they plan to get to them all if the line continues long enough.

Get a look at the official press images in our gallery below. What would you like to see next? Let us know in comments.

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