Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Battle Ram Reveal and More

Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Battle Ram Reveal and More

For fans who like their Masters of the Universe toys smaller and more customizable, Mattel’s Mega Construx just revealed a few new items. As part of this weekend’s online Power-Con, the team behind the LEGO-like brick construction toys let some of next spring’s selections leak. The main item? A Mega Construx Battle Ram. Like the original vintage toy, it will fire a projectile and feature detachable Sky Sled, with interchangeable beast heads. And the included minifigs, Mekaneck and Tri-Klops, can approximate their original gimmicks even at two inches tall. Tri-Klops’ eye-visor spins, while Mekaneck’s neck includes two extension pieces. A price point of $19.99 sounds quite reasonable.

Additional smaller sets include a series of three Skeletor skulls that contain a small build vehicle and a figure. He-Man comes with the Jet Sled and classic Jet Sled armor. Fisto wears the Cliff Climber — a deep cut vintage accessory set that appeared at the tail end of the original toy line in limited markets. And mini-comic colors Trap-Jaw controls a larger build version of the Castle Grayskull gun turret. The first Trap Jaw in the line, he includes interchangeable arm weapons and a hinged jaw. As a bonus, the skull containing Fisto glows in the dark.

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Finally, Panthor gets a makeover with a new hairdo, literally. Skeletor’s big cat now comes in a flocked version, with the Lord of Destruction packed in and ready to ride.

As for future sets, the team mentioned that Snake Mountain and She-Ra often come up in conversation, but they’ve set no concrete plans. Future minifigs that they have developed include Clawful, Webstor, Hordak, Buzz-Off, and though they said these are longshots for inclusion in actual sets, Eldor and Mo-Larr. Yes, the Eternian dentist from the Robot Chicken sketch who merited a convention-exclusive figure some years back. But whomever your favorite character might be, they plan to get to them all if the line continues long enough.

Get a look at the official press images in our gallery below. What would you like to see next? Let us know in comments.

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