Behold the LEGO Batwing From Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman

It felt good to be a comics fan in 1989. A big-budget Batman movie became the most talked-about cinematic event of the year. T-shirts featuring the Dark Knight as he appeared in comics were all the rage. And yet…toy fans got left out. Brand new company Toy Biz got assigned the license, and proved not remotely up to the task of meeting demand. It took well over a year for even a mediocre Batwing toy with suction-cup darts to show up. Decades later, toy companies have finally compensated. The new LEGO Batwing features every detail a fan could ever want.

Firing missiles, hinged wing flaps, and a fully detailed opening cockpit seem essential. But the Batwing also includes a stand that can display it flying upward or downward. Builders who prefer a view from above will delight in the knowledge that the set comes wall-mountable when complete. Three movie-inspired minifigs include the Joker in his mime outfit, Lawrence the Boombox Goon, and of course Batman. Although it looks like — similar to the 1989 LEGO Batmobile — the vehicle might be larger scaled, with a cockpit that can fit three- to four-inch Batman action figures. The final build clocks in at 20 inches long and 22 inches wide.

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LEGO VIP exclusive access to the LEGO Batwing begins Oct. 21st, with store deliveries soon thereafter. The price tag of $199.99 feels not-too-high compared to a lot of high-end LEGO collector sets. And when you can buy online, there’s no need to ask where one gets such wonderful toys.

Will you back the Bat-block-build? Check out the full gallery below, and then let us know in comments.

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