ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 4 Includes One First-Ever Figure

Just as Super7‘s first wave of ThunderCats Ultimates figures finally arrives in the hands of fans who preordered, wave four gets ready to roll. And after three waves, the company has a challenge. how to keep fans interested after the core characters have mostly all been done? The core four ThunderCats and both versions of villain Mumm-Ra came in previous waves. A couple of key evil mutants still remain — Monkian joins the ranks in wave 4, and fans still need Jackalman and Ratar-O. But there’s a new lure this time: a figure that has never been made in any prior iteration.

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Technically, it could be called a variant. It’s Mumm-Ra in disguise, using the clever and not-at-all conspicuous alias of Pumm-Ra. Still, it’s a new figure. Dressed in a cloth toga, he includes one bonus snarling head for himself, and a larger one for the bigger Mumm-Ra figure previously released.

Monkian is the major O.G. character here, with ThunderCat Lynx-O and ThunderCat ally Snowman of Hook Mountain rounding out the four. All come with alternate heads and accessories, and surprisingly the larger-sized Snowman remains at the same $45 price point as the rest.

Preorders last for a month, with the figures likely to ship approximately a year from now. Take a look in the gallery below to see everything that’s included.

Whom would you like to see in the next wave? Is anyone else out there on team Safari Joe? Let us know in comments!

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