Now It’s Hasbro’s Turn for an Online Convention: Pulse Con

Without San Diego Comic-Con this year, many toy companies simply didn’t get the showcase to roll out their big reveals that July’s big event usually allows. Hasbro mostly seemed to compensate by rolling out Fan First Fridays videos online, but apparently that’s not enough. In just a few weeks, likely spurred by the success of DC FanDome, the Rhode Island-based company will roll out Pulse Con online.

In-house conventions aren’t entirely new to Hasbro. A couple of years ago, they held their own HasCon for in-person guests near their corporate headquarters. But the pandemic changes things, and this strictly online affair has hired SyFy Wire’s Jackie Jennings to host the slate of announcements across all Hasbro brands.

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Back when there was a chance Hasbro might lose Marvel and/or Star Wars, the company prepared for the potential worst by beefing up their roster with Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, and the short-lived Overwatch. Now they just have an abundance of brands, including a relaunched G.I. Joe. And it’s not all action figures. Wizards of the Coast (i.e. Magic: the Gathering) and Dungeons and Dragons remain important segments of their market.

Hasbro Pulse Con will take place online Sept. 25 and 26. These also happen to be the dates that all the previously announced Comic-Con exclusives will go onsale at Pulse, like the X-Men Hellfire Club and Logan movie figures, and the Ghostbusters Louis Tully set. Keep an eye on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel for more.

What do you hope to see revealed by the “big H”? Let us know in comments below.

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