Hasbro Discontinues Selfie Series Personalized Figures

In toy news that comes as a bit of a surprise given the timing, Hasbro has canceled its Selfie Series personalized action figures just as its “version 2.0” improvements to the program were being implemented. The line consisted of several pre-existing figure bodies from Star Wars, Marvel, G.I. Joe, and Ghostbusters, with a personalized head sculpt based on scans users would take with their phone cameras and a specialized app.

Life in Plastic…Not Fantastic?

Ghostbusters News initially called our attention to this story. In a follow-up email exchange, a publicist working with Hasbro sent Superhero Hype the following message, which matches one also sent to Rebelscum.com:

“Thank you for contacting us about Hasbro’s Selfie Series. We have discontinued the Selfie Series platform, and it has been removed from the Hasbro Pulse app. We also want to inform you that we are no longer accepting new orders for Hasbro Selfie Series figures. If you have already placed an order and need further assistance, please contact Hasbro Pulse. We appreciate the support and enthusiasm shown by all the fans who participated in this innovative personalization platform.”

The Selfie Series was not without issues. The price point was higher than fans were used to — though Hasbro frequently offered discounts — and phone scans could never be as accurate as proper scanning booths. Not to mention, the variety of figures offered didn’t include many women or plus-sized body types. Nonetheless, the technology is constantly improving, and the 2.0 upgrade added key details like facial hair and glasses. Hasbro had previously marketed 12-inch personalized figures made from scanning booths in individual stores, but those only lasted for a limited time as well.

If Hasbro couldn’t find a way to make it economically viable, however, it’s unlikely anyone else will try again for a while. In the meantime, fans of customized plastic figures can still make Funko Pops of themselves.