Hasbro’s Star Wars Comic-Con Exclusives, Now Online in September (Pics)

Maybe now fans will actually have a chance to get them without spending the whole day in line. No physical Comic-Con this year means no Hasbro booth. So what happens to Hasbro’s Star Wars Comic-Con exclusives? As of today, word is out: they go up on Hasbro Pulse in September. And as per recent patterns, one is a 3-3/4 inch three-pack, one a Black Series set, and the third a packaging variation/deco change.

The biggest item? A “Heroes of Endor” Black Series set, which includes a fan-requested rerelease of the Speeder Bike. A first-time figure of Paploo the Ewok comes to ride it, and he gets back-up in the form of Luke, Leia, and Han in Endor outfits. A big $109.99 price tag sounds fair if one considers the bike and display box to be worth $29.99.

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The Hoth Wampa, at $29.99, now comes in throwback box packaging, with images recreating the vintage box scenes. It’s the same sculpt as the figure from six years ago, this time without the bloody mouth. (Since Tauntauns didn’t bleed red prior to the Special Edition, that’s a nod to both purists and parents.)

Finally, Clone Wars troopers Echo, Fives, and Jesse comprise this year’s vintage-style three-pack, complete with Kenner logo on the card. Send in the Clones for $49.99.

Most of this product fits the bill for exclusives in the right way. They’re not essential pieces, and for the most part either have or will come out in different variations. But they’re fun and just different enough to be conversation pieces. Presumably, they will be much easier to obtain in September than they otherwise might have become in July of another year. Take a look at the full gallery below.

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