Star Wars, Spider-Man Figure News From MCM London 2023

London, England’s MCM (Movies/Comics/Media) convention for 2023 took the UK by storm this past weekend. The big news from Hasbro involved a handful of new Star Wars and Spider-Man action figure reveals. Spidey’s Marvel Legends continued a Halloween theme, while the Star Wars announcements leaned heavily on the prequels.

Season’s Spideys

Finishing out a wave that previously included Jack O’Lantern, the latest Spider-Man blister-carded assortment will include Spider-Shot, the hitman version of Peter Parker from a Wolverine-team-up in the What if…? universe; big, scary Tombstone in business attire, with alternate head; and Hallows’ Eve, with two masks. Like the rest of that wave, they’re due in May, but up for preorder at your favorite online retailers now.

Star Wars showcased a little more. In non-figure news, Carson Teva’s helmet from The Mandalorian joins the full-size Black Series replica collection. Then, from the 6-inch scale Black Series, Padme Amidala as seen in the final battle of The Phantom Menace, and Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd) will finally join the line. The smaller Vintage Collection will roll out new versions of Count Dooku, Clonetrooper Phase I, and Finn. These can also be preordered now, with delivery in May.

But that’s not all — as usual, Hasbro announced future pipeline announcements.

Three of the Vintage Collection Pipeline reveals were obvious: Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb will presumably be repaints of the HasLab Ghost figures in new packaging. One less so: a ShopDisney and Hasbro Pulse shared exclusive set of Captain Enoch and three Night Troopers. The Black Series can look forward to Darth Sidious (Episode III) and two additional ShopDisney/Pulse shared exclusives: Phase II Clonetrooper vs. Battle Droid, and a four-pack based on the Timothy Zahn Thrawn trilogy: Joruus C’baoth, Mara Jade, Luke Skywalker, and Clone “Luuke.”

Take a look at all the official images down below.