Boss Fight Studio Delivers Zorro and Tornado Action Figures

Long before Batman, in a time of cowboys, a masked avenger in black rode a horse rather than driving a Bat-adjacent car. With his stylish sequined hat and sharpened fencing sword, he boasted finely honed ability to slash his initials into clothes and skin. Zorro was that classic hero of the oppressed. And long before we had a word for it, he became one of the first superheroes. Rarely do we see affordable action figures of this O.G. lone avenger. But now Boss Fight Studio offers up both a basic version, and the man on his horse. Zorro and Tornado should always stick together.

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Zorro arrives as part of Boss Fight’s “Hero Hacks” line, which also includes Flash Gordon as seen in the 1980 Mike Hodges movie. Sculpted in a four-inch scale, these figures use the company’s Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. model. This allows for interchangeable parts and near-endless customization options. Alone, he runs $25.99. With Tornado, the price doubles to $52.99; quite the deal given how much bigger Tornado is than his rider.

From the official description: “This Figure and Steed pack includes Zorro and his trusty steed Tornado, ready to gallop into battle at a moment’s notice.  The detailed and fully articulated Zorro figure straight out of the novels is ready for action with his bullwhip and rapier. Additional accessories include iconic hat and cape, extra hands to securely hold each accessory, and figure stand for display. Tornado is fully poseable and comes with his western-style saddle and a horse stand for display. “

Will you prepare Zorro to ride into small-scale battle alongside other heroic toys? Let us know in comments.

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