This Baby Yoda Hot Wheels Car Puts Pedal to the Cuteness Metal

Forget trying to grab the joystick. This Baby Yoda isn’t just the driver, but the entire car. Mattel‘s latest Hot Wheels design takes the mysterious fifty year-old child as a design cue, and delivers possibly the cutest thing to ever guzzle gas and belch carbon monoxide. Theoretically, of course. Expected on store shelves next February, the Baby Yoda Hot Wheels car seems like a gateway drug for fans who don’t normally collect the line. If they can manage to get their hands on any before the scalpers do.

Via, Mattel’s Hot Wheels Character Car designer Charlie Angulo and Lucasfilm’s senior manager of product development Chris Dern discussed the design process. As Dern describes it, “‘Can we exaggerate and increase the size of the fins to represent the character’s ears? Would it be possible to enlarge the windshield area to better represent the character’s big eyes? Can we tuck the cab into the body of the vehicle to better reflect the Child’s robe and puffy collar? Can we apply a cool mechanism that we have never added to a Star Wars Character Car before to make this even more compelling?’ What? We can? Fantastic! Yes, there is a really, really fun feature that I was thrilled the Hot Wheels Team was able to execute. It is possible I was not supposed to tell anyone about that.”

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So there’s a secret feature? Gentlemen (and everyone else), start your guesses. Adds Angulo, “We sometimes add Easter eggs in and around the vehicles for fans to enjoy…”

Will you become a Hot Wheels fan, if only for one car? Let us know in comments.

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