Exclusive Tron Action Figure Inspired by Vintage VHS Back-Cover Art

Back when merchandise designers often used black and white images for reference, some movie tie-ins could go wildly off-base. Think of the green Darth Vader on Marvel Comics covers, or Donald F. Glut naming Mattel’s Castle Grayskull because he couldn’t tell it was green. The original videotape cover for Tron got things right…until a person turned the tape over. Then, on the VHS back-cover, they saw…well, check out the first image in the Tweet below:

Now, as part of Previews’ stay-at-home Comic-Con exclusive lineup, Diamond Select has given their Tron figure a retrofit. Reactive under blacklight, this more psychedelic color scheme seems likely to give fans major flashbacks to the Grid. He comes packed with discs and action effects, just like the regular figure, but in a VHS reproduction-style package. The authentic Bruce Boxleitner likeness gets a bit obscured by the unusual color scheme, but it’s there.

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As with other Previews convention-exclusives-that-aren’t, Tron can be preordered at any comic stores that use Diamond and Previews. Simply give them code DEC198808. At $40, his price tag runs a little higher than the basic figures, because Diamond limited him to a run of 3,000 units only.

Does this palette-swap variant trigger any of your fire buttons? Let us know in comments below.

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