Mezco Goes Ape With a One: 12 Dr. Zaius Action Figure

For many recent fans, the most enduring reference to Dr. Zaius comes from The Simpsons. Most notably, the Troy McClure musical “Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get off!” To the tune of another now-aged reference, Falco’s ’80s hit “Rock Me Amadeus,” the apes all sing, “Ooh, help me Dr. Zaius!” That goofy earworm may be the most notable name-drop, but it does a disservice to the original character. Sometimes an antagonist, other times more reasonable, the intelligent orangutan from the original Planet of the Apes movies makes for one of ’60s sci-fi’s most indelible characters.

Mezco gives him full justice in their newest action figure, however. Resplendent in a tunic shirt and overcoat with embossed detailing, and pleated pants, the minister of science and faith includes interchangeable heads to alter his mood. Accessories include a polystone statue of the Lawgiver, a talking human doll, paper airplane, cane, and sacred scrolls.

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When NECA briefly tried a 7-inch Planet of the Apes line, it ultimately died due to lack of retailer interest. Can Mezco rekindle that spark? Considering this costumed figure is closer in spirit to the original movie Mego figures, maybe. Now let’s see them take on those creepy, face-peeling nuclear mutants from the second film. Or whomever. Really, any new classic Planet of the Apes figures are a good idea.

Dr. Zaius shows off his best and worst sides in the full gallery below. Are you ready to add this damn, dirty ape to your toy planet? Let us know in comments below.