The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Toys Include 1:12 Snowspeeder

Forty years ago, the film generally regarded as the best Star Wars movie hit screens. And due to the runaway success of toys based on its predecessor, action figures were ready and waiting. (Though the popular and much-anticipated Yoda took a little while to arrive.) Four decades on, and Star Wars figures are now mostly in the six-inch scale rather than 3-3/4. But they’re rolling out a whole new slate for the Empire Strikes Back 4oth anniversary, including new figures, previously released figures, refreshes/repaints, and one gigantic vehicle. That last one would be the Snowspeeder, packed with gunner Dak Ralter, and retailing for $120.

Redecoed figures include an R2-D2 with swamp splashes, and new versions of Luke and Lando with 3D face printing. Totally new figures include a Hoth Rebel Trooper with an alternate face hidden in his backpack, and a deluxe Probe Droid. And of course, a Snowspeeder pilot Luke Skywalker to go with his large new ride. All the figures save the Probot come on vintage-style cards, upscaled for 6-inchers and printed with movie photos.

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Yoda even comes with the snake that hsi vintage figure had. In a nod to what we’ve learned about him in subsequent movies, however, he also has his lightsaber. All the better to fend off that youngster who’s running around with his name and a bunch of new merchandise and fans.

We’ve got a full gallery of all the announced Empire Strikes Back anniversary figures so far. Hasbro has scheduled more announcements to tie in with The Rise of Skywalker coming to Blu-ray, and May the 4th. Let us know what you think of this first batch in comments below.