Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire & NES Empire Strikes Back Getting Re-Releases

If you’re a classic Star Wars gamer, then Limited Run Games will have some great news for you. The company will offer pre-orders on three Lucasarts games starting tomorrow. These include two versions of The Empire Strikes Back for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy. Additionally, the Nintendo 64 classic Shadows of the Empire will also get a special re-packaging.

The games will work on the classic hardware that they were originally created for. Essentially, any working NES or Nintendo 64 will be able to play them. Shadows of the Empire and The Empire Strikes Back will also be available in both “classic” and “premium” editions, as pictured below. The regular versions will come in Hasbro action-figure like packaging, with specially colored red and purple cartridges. However, the limited editions will feature special boxes and bonus goodies.

The prices vary between $40 and $90, depending on the version. Pre-orders will open up tomorrow morning at 10 AM EDT. And like all Limited Run releases, once they’re sold out, they’re gone. Fans can either purchase games individually, or in special three packs for a slightly lower price.

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These are the latest releases in a special deal between Limited Run Games and LucasArts. Last month, Star Wars for the NES and Game Boy also a physical re-release, along with Star Wars: Bounty Hunter for PlayStation 4. Other games will follow, including Star Wars: Racer Revenge for PlayStation 4; Star Wars Episode I Racer for Nintendo 64 and PC; and various PC releases like X-Wing and Jedi Knight. However, the rest of the titles don’t currently have a release date.

Will you be picking up these classic games once they become available? Let us know in the comments below!

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