The Mandalorian’s Incinerator Troopers Get Hot Toys

“Fire bad,” as Phil Hartman’s Frankenstein parody used to say. And fire is definitely key to the bad guys’ arsenal in The Mandalorian, Star Wars‘ first live-action TV show. Incinerator Troopers wield mighty flamethrowers; the precursors to Kylo Ren’s village-destroying Flame Troopers. Only the power of the Force can shield potential victims from becoming the next Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

With fearsome blood-red markings that give their helmets a monstrous look, these Stormtroopers aim to intimidate. Unlike other Stormtroopers, who can’t aim at anything. Because none of that matters when you generate a wall of flame. Everything burns. Accuracy becomes less relevant. Where were these guys during the Battle of Endor?

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For anyone wondering why this character gets a figure before his major scene partner, the answer is one of economy. Yes, Incinerator Troopers and Baby Yoda both appeared in the same episode, squaring off against one another. But Incinerator Troopers can use a lot of pre-existing parts, while Baby Yoda — pardon, “The Child” — requires a whole new body. Hot Toys will surely announce something by spring.

As always, Hot Toys figures come with multiple hands. The signature flamethrower pack weapon includes a glorious flame effect. Meanwhile, the armor has that secondhand look of one who survived the fall of the Empire and can no longer find clean battle gear.

We’ve got a whole gallery of images of the Incinerator Troopers below. Will your money burn a hole in your pocket to buy this guy? Let us know in comments.