Sideshow Wonder Woman Sports the Old Red White and Blue

She’s not in satin tights, but still fights for your rights. Wonder Woman, in the classic eagle and stars design, gets a new 12-inch toy. And it’s sure to dominate the male heroes on your shelf with eye-catching colors, sculpting and execution. This Sideshow Wonder Woman features a unique seamless body that conceals all the figure’s joints and articulation.

Curiously enough, her face looks not unlike Adrianne Palicki, the actress who played the role in a never-aired TV reboot. Presumably the goal was to look different enough from Gal Gadot for copyright purposes. Yet it feels like there’s a hint of an in-joke there.

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Diana is fully prepared for any display. As Sideshow describes it, “Diana of Themyscira has sculpted red and white boots with articulated ankle joints as well as three sets of hands including fists, open hands, and grip hands. The figure also comes with two versions of the golden Lasso of Truth- one sculpted, coiled version and one fabric version. Additionally, Wonder Woman includes her silver Bracelets of Submission, her aegis shield, and her sword with a wearable scabbard, giving you an entire pantheon of possible poses.”

Order directly from Sideshow and get a bonus spear accessory. She’ll run you $255, but payment plans are available. Get a better look at her from every angle in the gallery below.

Do you need to lasso this figure into your collection? Keep us from wondering, and let us know in comments below!