Mondo’s Designer-Style Rick and Morty Figures Get Schwifty

Wubba lubba dub dub! Our pain is at an end because new Rick and Morty episodes returned to the air this week. And to celebrate, Mondo put their fancy 1/6 scale collector-focused Rick and Morty figures up for preorder. Featuring limited articulation (neck, hands, ankles) and a smorgasbord of accessories and interchangeable parts, they bring all the character of the cartoon into three dimensions.

To quote Mondo, “Rick stands approximately 11.5″ tall, and Morty stands approximately 8″ tall, and that’s the wayyyyyy the news goes!” The basic set comes with multiple switch-out arms and hands, portal gun, booze bottle, and mindblower helmet with multiple tubes. Buy the exclusive version directly from Mondo to get an in-scale Pickle Rick and rat, as well as a plumbus. Bonus Evil Morty and burping Rick heads also come packed in with the exclusive. Whether they represent the Rick and Morty of this reality, or merely another universe in which Rick and Morty just are foot-tall and plastic, we can’t say. But at least they don’t hail from fascist or wasp dimensions.

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The set of two runs $120; preorder now to get them in March. Then they can help tide collectors over from the sadness of a recent season being over and the long wait ahead for further animated adventures.

Would you like to see…BURRRP!…more? Check out the gallery below to see all the accessories, and the figures from every angle.