Mondo Exclusive He-Man 3-in-1 Figure to Get Limited 24-Hour Release

Like Mattel before them, Mondo Toys are very much aware that for a Masters of the Universe line to keep selling, He-Man needs to be available. But rather than simply re-releasing He-Man, they’ve gone for a full-on refresh. The figure’s body remains the same, but almost everything else changed. This Mondo exclusive He-Man comes with two new heads, classic minicomic booth sheath and knife, and parts to make him into Battle Armor He-Man and Thunder Punch He-Man.

To simulate the original Battle Armor action feature, this armor includes interchangeable H-symbols that attach with magnets. One displays battle damage, while one comes clean. To approximate the Thunder Punch feature, which originally fired caps, switch out He-Man’s regular fist for a translucent one with energy effects. The caps reappear as “gems” that his shield can carry.

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Other Mondo Masters of the Universe figures go to other retailers as well, but this will be a Mondo exclusive He-Man. You might see some retailers by them for resale, but their prices will go up if so. This figure will go on sale at noon central time, for 24 hours, at a cost of $260. Global shipping to most countries, with fulfillment expected in February.

Take a look at more images in the gallery below. And yes, expect a similar Skeletor to follow. Will you preorder this He-Man? Let us know in comments.

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