First Rick and Morty Season Four Action Figures Announced

The new season of Rick and Morty begins this weekend, and for once, the merchandise looks ready to hit in advance of the episodes depicted. We can probably thank the long-term contract signed by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland for this — with that kind of guarantee in place, the ancillary stuff can better plan as well. Funko‘s two new season four action figures don’t spoil any significant details, but offer obvious variants. In an outer space show, one would expect the protagonists to wear space suits, and so they do here.

Note: in Funko’s latest line of Pop Vinyls, they do spoil some typically bizarre plot points. So don’t click this link if you want to go in cold. Let’s just say they learned from Pickle Rick that turning Rick into other things seems to be a popular call.

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In addition to the basic figures, Walmart-exclusive metallic variants (as seen above) should arrive shortly. No word on any build-a-figure yet; it’s possible further figures are being held back to preserve just a smidgen of secrecy. But it’s always safe to assume that Rick and Morty will be part of any episodes of the show that bears both their names.

Funko says the new season four action figures should surface “soon.” No specific date mentioned; however, that probably means they want them in stores now but are hedging due to possible shipping lag time.

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