Marvel’s Avengers Video Game to Get First Action Figure

Marvel’s Avengers Video Game to Get Action Figures

Consistent in the initial reactions to Marvel’s Avengers, the video game, has been recognition of the obvious. The characters don’t exactly look like the Marvel Cinematic Universe versions of themselves. Now, perhaps that saves money on actor likenesses. Or maybe, just maybe, the new looks are there to get people to buy into a whole ew line of merchandise. On that score, Hasbro just announced a Marvel Legends figure based on the Avengers video game, and it is…of course…Iron Man.

Now, Iron Man conveniently requires no likeness rights whatsoever since his face hides beneath a helmet. And Hasbro has given no indication whether this game character remains a one-off, as yet. Even if he is planned that way, odds are the company will pay attention to the reception and see if others are subsequently merited.

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Marvel Legends previously entered the “Gamerverse” with figures based on the Spider-Man PS4 game, sold through GameStop. More will be coming in a Spider-Man-themed wave next year. Iron Man’s suggested retail price of $19.99 suggests he will be a regular mass-retail release. We can also start looking out for him in the spring.

Iron Man comes with alternate open hands and fists. Plus the same repulsor blast effects that every Iron Man figure from the past few years has come with. (Seriously, let’s try something new there.) What could be really cool is if characters in the game who aren’t duplicated in the movies make it to toy form. It’s been a while since we got Ms. Marvel or Abomination, for example. At any rate, Iron Man demonstrates that when it comes to toys, interactive entertainment is, ahem, fair game.

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