Hasbro Marvel Legends Stan Lee Figure Salutes the Man

This has been rumored and requested for quite a while. Now, a Marvel Legends Stan Lee action figure is finally confirmed to be on the way. Initial plans had a figure of “The Man” set to be a build-a-figure, with parts distributed through two-packs available last year. However, the Toys R Us bankruptcy, threw that plan out of whack. Instead, we’re getting Stan as a premium Target exclusive next year in deluxe boxed packaging.

Lee’s figure comes based on his appearance in The Avengers, as a chess-playing New Yorker skeptical of superheroes. Fans can draw their own conclusions as to whether this is the same character he portrays in other movies. One thing we do know: the Captain America shield with facsimile Stan Lee autograph exists outside of canon. But it displays as a cool detail nonetheless.

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Like the Marvel anniversary figures, Stan Lee features premium detail, comes in a commemorative box, and costs $24.99. In addition to the signature shield, the figure is packed with a chess board to recreate his cameo appearance. It also happens to be a convenient accessory if Hasbro ever makes an Ian McKellen Magneto figure.

Collectors can now make whatever cameo dioramas they wish, as the Marvel creator can go head-to-head with Tony “Stank” or get lost in space. Now we just need figures of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko to reenact the ultimate behind-the-scenes Marvel battles for creative credits.

Look for Marvel Legends Stan Lee to be available next spring. Will you give Stan a place of honor in your collection? Let us know in comments.