Marvel Legends Adds Deadpool and Fantastic Four Figures

Until quite recently, the Fantastic Four were segregated in the Marvel Legends toy world, relegated to Walgreens exclusives. Fans believed this was due to Ike Perlmutter’s reticent to promote any property that Marvel itself did not own the full entertainment rights to. Lo and behold, now that the FF are back in the fold thank to the Fox merger, a Fantastic Four wave is on the way to mass retail. The toys depict the more recent blue and black versions of their costumes.

Together with the key four — Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny — the wave also includes She-Hulk and Doctor Doom, who were revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. We have no indication yet what the build-a-figure will be, but there’s no time like the present to start irresponsibly speculating. Mole Man, or Dragon Man? We’ll find out when the Fantastic Four figures become available next spring.

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Hasbro announced the FF wave at New York Comic Con, along with more reveals from next fall’s Deadpool wave. The build-a-figure in that series will be Strong Guy; and now we know that the figures include Warpath, Sunspot, and a blue-and-gold Deadpool. Still no movie figures announced so far, but here’s hoping.

Check out all the new reveals in our gallery below. Which new-to-toy X-Men and Deadpool-related characters do you hope to see round out Wade Wilson’s latest wave? Let us know in comments below.